Characteristics of a Christian Wife

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Following are scriptures concerning the role and characteristics of a Christian Wife.

1. She should not be a nag:

Proverbs 21:9

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome (contentious or strife-causing) wife.

2. She should be industrious, hard-working, able to provide for her family,  wise and able to bring honor to you:

Proverbs 31 (excerpts)

12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. 15 She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls. 16 She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;  for all of them are clothed (to be fully clothed) in scarlet (Commentary:  scarlet–or, "purple," by reason of the dyes used, the best fabrics; as a matter of taste also; the color suits cold. (Fausset, A. R., A.M. "Commentary on Proverbs 31". "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible".))

23 Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.26 She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

3. She is Willing to Be Submissive

Ephesians 5:22-24 

 22 Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.(Commentary: From v. 22 to the end he speaks of the duties of husbands and wives; and he speaks of these in a Christian manner, setting the church as an example of the wife’s subjection, and Christ as an example of love in husbands. I. The duty prescribed to wives is submission to their husbands in the Lord (v. 22), which submission includes the honouring and obeying of them, and that from a principle of love to them. They must do this in compliance with God’s authority, who has commanded it, which is doing it as unto the Lord; or it may be understood by way of similitude and likeness, so that the sense may be, "as, being devoted to God, you submit yourselves unto him.’’ (From: Henry, Matthew. "Commentary on Ephesians 5". "Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible". ))


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  1. What if she has all the above stated qualities but i am not attracted to her. Do i have to be attracted to the person i marry.

  2. Of course you should be attracted to your future wife. One of the attributes of a good marriage is a healthy attraction and a healthy sexual bond between a man and a woman. If you are not attracted to your future wife, you may not be able to honor her with the love, devotion and faithfulness that she deserves.

    Pray about it.

  3. Dorcas Bethel

    On submission…

    The guy should ask himself if he would submit to himself if he were in her shoes. If the answer is “NO” he should ask himself “WHY” and deal with any deficiencies.

    Submission is one thing. Needing to do the Limbo or being a master contortionist to submit to a man is something else. Sometimes an unwillingness to submit is her pride. Sometimes it is because no one in their right mind would submit to his stupidity.

  4. On Submission too…as a Christian woman, you should know God’s word. It is a blessing to submit to your husband, because you are bringing a good name upon your household and your family too. But for a woman to not want to submit, is a stubborn, willful woman, with no intentions to being married. If that were true, she would heed to His word and His commandment. But God never puts in a situation where you are unprepared…He always provides. So if that man isn’t leading your household the way it should be, it will be revealed to you. You have to trust God wholeheartedly.

  5. takingtheplunge

    i’m new to my faith and even though the word submission is a little daunting at first, i realize that because i’m with a man whom the Lord means everything to, he won’t abuse such a word. i do worry, though, that when we argue, he tells me i cannot be right because he is the man. this seems harsh to me, why would i share my opinion if i knew i was always going to be voted down? help? thanks.

    • Because he is a man that does not me he will always be right. A man of God must understand this and leave room to be corrected by his wife with love, respect, understanding & patients. The world kind of fears the word “submission” , because it does not understand the true Biblical meaning.
      simple submission is Love, Respect, understanding, patients, not trying to lord your ways and ideas over her husband but to share your plans with your husband then both should talk about it in love and patients, pray about it and come to an agreement in love, based on what is best for the both of you and your family.

      The women must remember that the man is the Head of the wife as Christ is the Head of the Church.

      The word says submit to her husband “AS IN THE LORD” which is the KEY.

      God would not have you or any of us to submit to anything that is against his word, so you must know Gods word for yourself to understand how to submit according to the Word Of The Lord……….God Bless

    • he is demononized cast out the demons infront of him like so i bind the demon of stupidity in jesus name

  6. I’m no expert in this subject but a big part of being submisive is getting rid of that pride a lot of us women have. Then it takes a lot of faith for us to simply be subject to our husbands and let the Most High take care of it. Its a wonderful things… once you conquer that

    • WOW, you are very rare! Are you already married? If so, I would love to write a book with you. I have a feeling you have some spiritual wisdom that many women need.

  7. I am not an expert either but I do have my opinions. I am a christian woman and believe in gender roles clearly defined. I believe that a woman should submitt to her husbands final word, but that he should consider her opinions and feelings when making his decisions. It takes two people to come together and create harmony and that all starts with good communication. Both marriage partners should do their part in making each other happy and anticipating the others needs. A man needs to do his part as a husband to understand the desires of his wife. A wife needs to take care of the house and her husband like it is her castle and her king, but in tern the husband should treat his wife like his queen. the king makes the decisions of the kingdom but the queen is the strengh and support and love that stands behind the king.

    • Wow, more great words of wisdom. Just remember that even though a man should consider the woman’s feelings, the woman should still strive to be submissive when he is not considerate.

    • Well well said……..Jules

    • Another new age thought. Someone else trying to interrupt Gods word to fit how they feel about the way things should really believe.

  8. In our church, the pastors tell men that they should make submission easier for women by being more godly, more loving, more patient, to make sure that their wife is number 2 in their lives (no. 1 of course is God) and at the same time, they encourage women to be submissive except if their husbands are telling them to do something that is contrary to God’s Word. Men and women should work together as ONE…communication is very important in a relationship. And as cblacwolf says and as our head pastor also says “treat your wife as a queen and treat your husband as a king”

  9. I believe that the submitting means that we voluntarily work together with the husband in righteousness as partners equally sharing decisions. A husband should not not dominate his will as being the right way just because he is the man. This is contrary to God’s loving nature.

    • I see you have had a bad experience. If you have a godly attitude of true submission, you will be willing to be under his control unless he asks you to do something that is in direct disobedience to God’s WRITTEN WORD.

  10. About the woman submitting to the man. Ladies we are all forgetting one Big Thing.
    God made Adam first. Then God saw that Adam couldn’t handle things on his own, So…..God had to make Eve.
    in the end ladies, the subsmission is not really submission in the negative way because the man will usually come to us for ideas on how to fix the mess he made. Or how to do things in such a way that it will not come out to be such a mess. We just let him take credit for the whole thing. Thus the phrase, “the woman stands by man” or “the woman is the backbone is any great man”.
    So, Ladies, its not really submission….its getting our way eventally in a sweet Godly way. (read Geneis)

  11. Seleta –

    If you ever do get married I feel for that husband as he will be the poor soul mentioned above in the first verse living on the corner of the roof. And by all means – God has called us to PEACE above everything else so if your husband is reading this – God has better for you man. Let go and Let God and find a wife of TRUE Christian character – not worldly manipulative trash. Kick her to the curb and let Jesus transform her – you can’t. As for you Seleta, better to tie a rock around your neck and throw yourself in the waters then let other TRUE Christian women stumble by your ignorant comments.

    God made EVE because He saw it wasn’t good for man to live alone as God does not live alone – He has loving companions. Adam could handle things on his own ALONE with GOD and if you read the Book correctly – it was EVE’s mistake of eating the apple that “messed things up” in the Garden of Eden to start.

    I’d be very careful the next time you go quoting God – He has promised great wrath to ANYONE who adds or takes away from HIS WORD.

    • Ryan I agree that it’s ridiculous to think of all men as stupid or as screw-ups (this is male-bashing, egotistical crap) and yes it is ignorant. However, I don’t know if I would blame Eve the way that you have because this is the root of many of the misogynistic theology that came across in the early church fathers writings. And, it was clearly not condoned but our Savior since He held a high enough opinion of women that he ministered to them often and without care of reproach. Even to the point of appearing to a woman first after He resurrected. So, while I agree it is ignorant to think God gave men women because we’re supposed to clean up their mess. I also think it is ignorant to think that women (or even a woman) was responsible for “messing things up.” (Especially since her husband if you look in scripture was likely right there, it’s not clear but it certainly is clear that he is held responsible by God because he allowed Eve to eat the piece of fruit and then took part of it himself. I think both Eve and Adam are equally to blame for the “messing up.”

      So, while I am not for male-bashing, I also have a healthy respect for my femininity as a gift from God, just as much as your masculinity is a gift from God.

    • Please do not recommend divorce unless someone has committed adultery.

  12. Seleta and Ryan I think I’m going to marry both of your comments. On the one hand, God did notice that Adam lacked something while he was alone, and made Eve. And on the other hand it was to provide him with companionship. He created her to be a help-mate. That means we as women were created to help (this is why we can’t help but get in people’s business sometimes, or fall into the habit of telling people “what they should do” we are only trying to be helpful lol). What I have learned about submission is that it is a yielding. It calls for you to become more dependent on God. When you talk to your husband and he doesn’t listen to you, or doesn’t understand fully what you are saying, you are not to argue with him, we (as women) are called to get in our prayer closets and pray to God to speak to our husbands, and to open his heart so that our words may be received, and then go back and talk it out with him. I think God called us to this because we can be emotional and dramatic at times (not ALL of us, and NOT ALL the time) and men are traditionally analytical so it forces us to marry the two concepts in an effort to hear what God is TRULY saying is the direction of our household. We become closer to perfection when we marry someone who compliments us. (why do you think that opposites attract? Remember the ying and the yang makes a complete circle). At the end of the day, I believe that God called us to Submit to HIM (all of us), so even if the man is the head of the household, God is still in control of ALL THINGS! Including my “hard-headed husband” (*smile*)

  13. I would say that submission is definitely a multi-directional street. Yes the Bible says that a wife should in fact submit to her husband, but it also talks about the husband. A husband must be able to submit to God. Being a leader of the household is not in the idea of the tradition of the American 50s, rather in the context of Spirituality. The husband must strive to be the spiritual leader of the household so that God can direct the family through him. He has the descenting voice when it comes to God, but his voice should not go without consultation from his wife. God may call upon the wife, to communicate with her husband on what direction he should lead their household, NOT DICTATE every decision that stands before him. I think people get caught too much in the idea, without exploring what the idea his trying to say. Any marriage should strive to be harmoniuos, harmonious to God’s will, as well as to each other. It is a multi-directional street that calls upon many roads. Each road traveled should be under the will of God, with that, all destinations will be blessed with his presence!

  14. I came upon these comments when I was doing research for my “Familia” (family) class on characteristics of the Christian woman. The comments above really bothered me. I have been blessed with a happy marriage for 17 years and think that my husband is the most wonderful man in the world. A gift from God. Our relationship is not one of dominance or submission but of becoming one flesh. One Flesh to serve God. His strengths help my weaknesses, my strengths become his. Being a team and creating self worth in each other make us a strong family unit. Genesis 1:27 “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” Keeping God in the center of your relationship will help you both be servants to each other. Christ came to serve others, not to be served. We are all (man and woman) called to be Christ like and serve each other.


    The above link is a really good article on misogynistic men but can apply to women to. # 18, 1-10 of the article outlines what a healthy relationship is. Scripture shouldn’t be used to justify abuse or as a control tactic for either gender. What abusive Christians (esp. men) do not realize is that Jesus treated women better than the Jews or Romans treated them in their culture. Abuse is a choice. An abuser chooses to act the way he/she does but does not take responsibilty for the actions. Jesus taught a message of love, not fear. I often wonder if those who treat “their neighbor as theirself” in an abusive, controlling, or hateful way really do not know how to love themselves in the first place.

  16. The relationship in a marriage is not between two people, but between each person and God. If you have or as you develop an intimate relationship with God it will develop a more intimate relationship between husband and wife. We are not to do anything because of what another does or doesn’t do, but according to our obedience to God. I am married and have recently saw the Movie “Fireproof” and am doing the Dare journal and it is great. Try it and see how things work out.

  17. I stumbled on this site because I was trying to help answer a lady friend’s question about the attributes of a “Chistian” wife. It always amazes me to hear people’s views on this subject and the conversation always includes the verses from Ephesians 5:22-24. What is really shocking is that our “Christian” women and men rarely take these verses in it’s context or even include verse 21!

    Let me see if I can help. I’m not being condesending. Sadly I’m divorced because I was not a Godly man. So, thanks to the Holy Spirit and my Pastor, I have been led to study God’s Word on the subject (2Tim2:15).

    First, Paul, by God’s direction, was talking about how the disciple of the Lord should walk in his daily life in Eph.5. That means all of us saved children of God. Everyone of us. If you read verse 21 it says “Submitting yourselvesone to another in the fear of God.” So first, both men and women are to submit to each other in a relationship. It goes deeper but let’s start there. Verse 22 assumes that both man and wife are in fact submitted to the Lord. The purpose of verse 22 is to establish the man as what I call te “Burden Bearer” and is not meant as a weapon for non-submitted men to use on their wives who are trying to be good Godly wives. At this point let me say if you are a man using God’s Word in this way, Shame on you! You’re giving a bad name to God’s men and you need to stop it. The “Burden Bearer” is a postion of responsibility that should not be taken lightly. God put us in this position of Trust because someone has to make the hard call sometimes. Your wife should be able to trust that you are a Godly man, the priest of your home, and that you will be able to make a Godly decision based on God’s Word, precepts, principles and precedents as set forth in God’s only True Word, the King James Bible.

    Men, you should communicate with your wife and find out her views. Submit to her strong suits. Don’t be an ass, braying about how she should submit to your authority.

    Pray for each other when there is a tough decision to be made. Heck, you should be praying for each other daily!

    Women! Be long suffering. Don’t be petty and withhold affection or be disagreeable because you don’t get your way. We do not get heaven on earth. Our rewards are being built up in heaven when we submit to God’s Way. Pray and tell God how thankful you are to have a Godly man who loves you. Go to God in prayer for your needs. The man may be the head of the wife but the wife has the power to turn the head! Love your husband even when you feel he makes a mistake. If you are in Godly submission, the Lord will make it work to your good. Remember, God answers all prayers. He just answers them in His Perfect Way and in His own time. Don’t worry or despair and don’t give up! Trust in the only One who is Trustworthy.

    May God bless you and your marriage!


  18. Sorry about the typo’s. I actually wrote this at 2am and my eyes must be worse than I thought! LOL! Good night ; )

  19. Ladies, I think there is some manipulative minds out there! You must first get your relationship with God down and then work on your marriage. If you cannot submit to a husband, in Biblical terms, it is because you cannoy submit to God. Some of you are talking “down” about your future husbands now, your attitude will only get worse after you are truly married. A marriage will not work and be healthy unles it is done God’s way. I was single until I was 40, had a career, etc. When I became married I accepted my God given role as my husband’s wife and helpmate. My husband loves and respects me. I am not afraid to trust him as spiritual head of our home. He is wonderful to me! Marriage is a very good thing….if done GOD’s way! Take care! Joyfully, A submissive Mrs.

    • WOW! I wish my wife had your spiritual maturity. Do you have any ideas on helping my wife see this as you see it? She seemed to agree with the biblical roles of husband and wife before we got married but now it has all changed. She is very rebellious.

  20. it think submission starts from loving God enough to chose to follow his commandment. but christian men should take things easy with us, bearing in mind that being a head means being ready to serve. moreover submission should not be used as a weapon against women. All the same women should learn that a submissive wife has the key to her husband,s hearrt

  21. pastor's wife

    The bible says to submit to God and his will for you life, as a christian, I know that by submitting to God the blessings will pour out and I never have to worry about anything because I know he is in control, he has my best intrest at heart and that he will provide for my every need. It’s the same way with submitting to your husband. It’s my honor to serve my husband because he has loved me and provided for me and given me all that I have ever needed and more. Do I have the perfect husband? No. The Bible says “we have all fallen and come short of the glory of God”. My husband is in no way perfect and has made many mistakes, at the same time, so have I. We’re in this together. We don’t have the perfect marriage, we have had our little spats and we have both made bad decisions – but we’ve made them together, learned from them, and moved on. They have helped us grow so much in our marriage, our family, and our walk with God. Being submissive doesn’t mean the man has control, the woman is worth nothing – the end. My husband and I talk over decisions we listen to each other and both get our feelings about everything out and in the open, and in the end, I leave it up to my husband and trust in him and know that he is going to trust in God and submit to God’s will to make the right decision for our family, and I submit to and back 100% whatever the decision is. He is who God has placed as the head of the household and I love and respect him for being such a great man of God and know that he is aligned with the perfect will of God, so it is my honor to submit to and serve my husband.

  22. I agreed completely with pastor’s wife. she helps to bring the truth to the light. Being submissive doesn’t mean the man has control and the woman is worth nothing. It is about reasoning together and allowing the man to make the final decision and backing him up in every way she can for the success of their home and family. After all, God also called us to come and reason together with Him. Just as God is not afraid of reasoning together with man, the husband should not be afraid to reason with his wife before arriving at any decision. According to Hebrew and Greek dictionary, to reason together mean to argue out a point or to decide an issue together with the aim of convincing one another. In arguing (talking maturely over) an issue together or deciding an issue together it is either both parties are right and they are only complementing and strengthening each other’s point or one of the parties is right and he or she is trying to let the other see it. By arguing (talking maturely) or deciding an issue together the truth comes to the light and in the case of the husband and wife it is the husband that the authority is give to know what to do with the conclusion of the matter. It does not matter whether the issue is in his favor or the favor of his wife argument. What matter is that the issue is in the favor of the will of God for them as a family. Any argument or decision can only be justified on the ground that it is the will of God for the family at that time. A christian family is established from the beginning to do the will of the one who created them man and woman, that is why as an individual we must learn to know what the will of God is for us. That is the essence of true Christianity. God gave the control of the garden and the earth to both man and woman and made man its manager and the woman assistant manager (a helpmate). Every final decision is made at the managers table. That is the will of God for the family.

    I am a man, about to get married. I personally detest a passive wife, one who leaves all decision to me in the name of submission and would not actively participate in arriving at the decision. I like a situation whereby we reason together on issues in a healthy way and arrive at decision together. I am a team player I love making decision together with my team member on issue that has to do with all of us and would not mind asking their opinion on issue that concerns me.

    I knew by walking with God that God gave man a wife to serve as treasure house of wisdom for him and the advice of a godly and active wife who have come to know and understand her husband weakness and strength can do a man a great deal of help than the advice of ten thousand counselors who do not know you or live with you.

    My finding is that a passive wife often end up becoming divisive and obstinate. They would not contribute and in area where the issues has to do with them or with their interest they would not fully show that they are in disagreement neither bulge but rather they will use their quiet nagging as a soft means of coarsening the man to make decision that would suit their desire. As long as the man is not doing their will they would not oppose him openly in most cases neither will they support him, not until the man either made a mistake or was force to succumb to their moody attitude. This is witchcraft and it is what misunderstanding submission or refusal of a woman to learn to actively submit in the spirit of love can lead to.

    A christian wife is one who is active and not passive, submissive and not divisive.

    God has made woman who love and submit to God a wisdom for man, that is why it through the wisdom of a woman that a home is built.

    A wise woman would build her house but the foolish one would destroy it.

    A wise woman is a woman who understands that she is a helpmate and not a lord over her husband. She is a woman who like Wisdom of God Proverb 8: 22-30 would be with his husband backing him up in every decision he would make trusting God to help him rule his household in righteousness even when he did not agree with her view.

    I pray God would let everyone of us; man and woman alike to understand that submission is not subjugation of one another.

  23. One thing i found very helpful, I heard on the Christian Radio station is my town. It says, “wives, submit to your husbands.” It doesn’t say, “Men, your wives must submit to you”. If a man is having troubles with his wife, he she take it to God.

    Your wife should be treated as a blessing bestowed upon you by God. If she’s a Godly woman, she will appreciate that, and know already that she needs to submit to you.

    It is no mans job to make his wife submit, that is breaking her back over your wants.

    When God took one of Adams ribs and made Eve, he literally took a part of a man away, and put that in woman. Men need woman for the tenderness and gentle nature God has given them. For as much as a wife needs a husband, as an outer shell; Man needs wife to connect his innermost pieces.

    If they are one, then no one is smaller, therefore submission is a dual effort.

  24. If a man truly values his wife, he will also value her opinion. Not to make her the head of the house, but not to totally exclude her ideas when us guys need them the most…!

  25. Pastors wife said it all. PERFECT! thanks because i had the tendency to get passive but i thank God i saw that passiveness is no good! Great job.

  26. I submit this comment with full respect for the beliefs of all present, and claim no great knowledge of the world in general and of theism in particular: I guess I simply wanted to add my viewpoint on top of the very interesting discussion that this article has prompted.

    One of the main things that has put me off wanting to find out more about Christianity is the oft-quoted submissive-role that the woman is supposed to take up in a relationship. It’s just not something that I could ever justify to myself, or indeed to God: I feel a need to live (and justify) my own life to myself, and not as a submissive sub-sect of a relationship. In other words, I can’t see how being submissive could possibly enhance my contribution to life on earth, or to any God who people say demands such submissiveness. I would, of course, be a loving wife, a caring partner and respectful of my Husband’s wishes, but I would expect a similar set of values on my Husband’s part towards me.

    Once again, I must point out this is not a criticism of those who choose and feel that this is the correct thing for them to do, I am merely
    adding a non-church perpective to the whole issue.

  27. Proverbs 31:12-21 says a wife should be industrious, hard-working, able to provide for her family, wise and able to bring honor to husband.

    The simple question is if a woman can do all that by herself whatever she need a husband for? And what’s the husband’s role? To dress up and parade before others and to eat the fruit of idleness?

  28. @Jess:
    I agree with you totally when you say that “I feel a need to live (and justify) my own life to myself, and not as a submissive sub-sect of a relationship”. I think the first part is easily achieved when one is single.
    Marriage is a two-body problem with some constraints (borrowing the terminology from my undergrad physics classes). I think when Paul says things like “Husband love your wife as Christ has loved the church or Wife, submit to the husband” he’s just illustrating the point that both should love and respect one another. I personally don’t think these verses should be read like the Ten commandments but must be understood in the context. Also one should remember that this was written in the 1st century when the husband-wife relationship was like that of a master-slave. So Paul ‘s statement that a husband should love his wife sacrificially was definitely very progressive and radical for his time. Of course if someone loves you like Christ, you wouldn’t hesitate to submit to him completely, will you? The reality is no man can love his wife like Christ loves his church and no woman hence and submit fully. Christ-church relationship as propounded in the Bible is a perfect one and I think Paul’s motivation was to encourage the Christians to achieve similar perfection in marriage using Christ-church relationship as the perfect model.

    It’s sad when people go on and on about how much a wife should submit (even to the husband’s stupidity?). I think there is much ado about nothing.

  29. q las esposas no deberian hacer nada sino los hombres descarados bobos tontos mensos ok los esclavos deberian ser los hombres bay tontos

  30. i have an issue with my wife coming home late from her business. I dont think she has enough time with her family. I leave work early have to cook coz if i wait for her to it we will end up sleeping late and my son has to go to school early. I try to talk to her but she feels like am shouting at her. How do i communicate with her without her withdrawing from conversation. Shes a good christian and i love her very much

  31. Dear James,
    Before you talk to her ask yourself what you want to talk to her. You want her to quit the job? Or come home early? Why is she not able to come home early? Why does she feel that you are shouting at her? She shows all the signs of someone who’s frustrated. Do you have any solution in mind? Like cooking meals together over the weekend? Is your wife’s job imp for the family from a financial point of view? Please know that when both husband and wife work the household chores need to be shared. If your wife’s income is essential for the family you should support her by offering to do the dinner coz then you are only doing a husband’s job of supporting the family.
    i don’t think you have an issue here. just think of a practical solution which will help both of you and have a chat with your wife
    Best wishes

  32. i love submitting to everything my husband says because it takes the guesswork out of living. i never have to worry about making my own decisions because my husband will do it for me. what a relief!
    those “independent” women should really consider the stress they’re going through by living their “independent” lives as a barrier between them and happiness. there is no greater fulfillment for me than when my husband comes to me angry and i can make him smile instead. it’s really a blessing and i thank him everyday for his wisdom in leading this family.
    but sometimes i wonder if it’s normal for him to drink so much and hit me. sometimes he hits our daughter for not knowing the proper ways to please him sexually. confused about this but will pray. he is the man and knows the best way to lead us. plus my daughter is learning great skills for when she is married.

  33. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur husband is having sexual relations with your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be in jail and so should you be.

    Both of you are NOT christians but devill’s own people!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Christ'sdestinee


    I truly hope your comment was some kind of joke. If it was then that wasn’t very funny; however, it is better than that being true. As a christian woman who is trying to submit to her husband, you should know that there is one exception, and that is when your husband goes against God’s word. Him having sexual relationships with your child and abusing you is going against God’s word. I feel it is time you reach out to people around you that love you and can help you. Look to your pastor or elders to counsel you and your family, but I am afraid your husband may have to face consequences for his actions. I pray that everything can be restored to make you a healthy, happy family. Please I beg you do not let these actions continue!!

    Your sister in Christ

  35. great article. Glad I was able to find this online. Not too many people willing to discuss this issue, but we all know Gods word is final. Everyone women who does not submit has to answer to God. Every man that leads by un Godly methods also has to answer to God!

  36. This is why it is important that women marry a man that is following God. If you marry a man who is not following God you still have to submit.


  38. I have a problem. My husband became an old testament law abiding christian after we were married, and belongs to a church that believes that when we die we have the opportunity to become like God as God is God. I am a christian too, but don’t have that particular belief. I believe in being submissive to the man, however, we are going through a once in a lifetime issue and are having conflict over it. A few weeks ago I found out that my mother has a non-curable cancer. We are a small family and I am the only one unemployed. I came to take care of her, but unfortunately she is 1800 miles away from where I live, and where my husband remains – alone. He understands that I need to be here, but wants me home to stay soon. Of course I understand that, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I will be going home for two weeks soon, but have not told my husband that I will be purchasing a one way ticket back and will probably be here for the duration of her illness. Her prognosis is very poor, and I doubt I will be here beyond a couple months. I haven’t told him because I know he is going to insist that I choose him over my mother. I am absolutely positive of that because he already said it when I told him I was coming down for just a month. Like I said earlier, I agree with being submissive to my husband and that is how we live – usually. But this is different. My mother is dying and she needs help. She does not like my husband and will not allow him to visit. I could use some suggestions here as to what I should do.

  39. My mother and I are looking for information on the stewardship of a woman in today’s society. The role of mother, wife, daughter, worker, and church member. We are wanting to present it to a group of ladies in our Freewill Baptist Church Women for Christ group. We meet annually and our church is responsible for the lesson in June, 1012.

  40. Submit to loving leadership is an easy hting ot do , if you Husband walks with the lord and you an trust in him because of this, however if your Husbdan is abussive and does not treat you as God tells himn to submission is only the second part of that scripture, we are instryuceted ot subimt to loving leadership and Husbands all to ready want that but dont submit themselves to God or love their wives as chrsit loves tehh church, it is in orde that God gives this, if a Woman is not loved she will become rebellious and not functiona as God meant her to be, God said lover her as this is so vital to her wellbeing if she is not loved in this way she will wither like a dying flower an suffer emotionally and physically and even get sick, the husband is suppodsed ot set teh climate of love in thehome, many men just expext htis of tehri wives, God has shown me these things in many articles by Christian teachers

  41. Oh mijn god! Een verbazingwekkende artikel dude. Met dank aan Desalniettemin Ik ben situatie met ur rss. Weet niet waarom Kan niet abonneren. Is er iemand krijgt niemand dergelijke nadeel? Iedereen wie weet vriendelijk reageren. Thnkx

  42. Saying how u feel about a situation u dont like,does it necessary mean nagging?

  43. I think the best thing is to ask God to give you self control in most of the earthly deeds so that you are able to be submissive to your husbands I believe this will reduce quarrels at home.

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